Custom Cables

Looking for custom cables? Our team is ready to help you with your custom cable assembly requests. Small quantities are accepted. Call our sales team at 800-407-8011 or email us at  We can build a variety of custom cable types that vary in length, gauge, connectors, shielding and jacket type. We promise competitive prices, high quality and we stand behind every cable that we produce with a 100% guarantee.

  • UL certified cables and connectors
  • ISO 9001 facility
For a free design consultation, fax or send us your specifications and include as much of the following information as possible.

  • Conductor pin-out
  • Type of connectors
  • Wire gauge and conductor characteristics (supported voltage, twisted pair, solid conductor, etc)
  • Outer jacket type (plenum, etc)
  • CAD drawings
  • Part numbers if you have them
  • Pictures of an existing cable and connectors from different angles is very helpful in jpeg or gif format
In addition, a description of how the cable will be used as well as the expected environmental conditions as to where the cable will be used is also beneficial as this will allow us to better match components for the proper purpose. For example, cables used in an industrial setting may last longer with a special jacket that is designed for harsh conditions or have less interference with shielded connectors. The design choices will ultimately be yours but the more we know the better we can recommend options.

Lead time will vary depending on the type of cable and the volume that you are looking for.  Orders for a small number of SCSI, RS232 Serial Cables, Fanout Cables, Custom Coax, or Power Cables, Circular Connector Cables, Industrial Cables ,Custom Circular Fanout can take as little as 3-5 days. In many cases, the process involves creating a sample that we will send to you for review and testing. This gives you a chance to provide feedback on any adjustments you would like to have on the final design. Once the final sample is approved, we can begin production of your order.